The Pakistani Weight Loss Plan [Eid al Adha 2018 Edition]

The Pakistani Weight Loss Plan [Eid al Adha 2018 Edition] Eid al Adha in Pakistan is one of the most festive events throughout the Islamic world. In Pakistan, a major Muslim country, it has a cultural significance all of its own. Before the day of Eid, you will see kids and adults alike gearing up for the season, visiting the Cow Mandi, buying and then taking care of their halal, sharia allotted animals before they are sacrificed. On the Eid days and [...]


How to Lose Weight Healthily

Planning for weight loss? That’s the good initiative you have taken by giving your thoughts a positive direction towards healthy life style. But, this is really not as easy as it seems. Your body does not want to lose weight; in fact, it wants to retain calories and fats in it. To achieve your target, you’ll have to be consistent in your efforts and stick to your plans. A comprehensive diet plan, structured exercises and the right use of [...]

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