1. Where is the business located?

*This is an online store being operated from Karachi, a retail outlet is under-way and should be operational early next year.

2. How do I order online?

Ordering online is very easy and convenient.

  • You can choose different products that you want to purchase and Click ‘BUY’ to add them to shopping cart.
  • After adding all your required products to the cart, click on ‘Shopping Cart’ on the top right corner of the window and then proceed to ‘Checkout’.
  •  You will notice all of the products you have selected would be appearing in your Checkout page.
  •  You can then click on Registering an Account and fill in your personal details, billing and shipping address accordingly.
  •  The delivery method is fixed and the payment method for now is only ‘Cash at the time of Delivery’.
  •  Click to confirm your order by checking all the details and your order will be processed. You will be notified through an email from HEALTHYLIFE of your order confirmation and will receive your products within due time.

3. How do I pay ?

At this moment, we are dealing in Cash on Delivery only, meaning you will pay once you have received the product(s) at your doorstep. Inshallah in the near future other online payment options will be integrated as well.

4. Are health supplements safe to use?

This is such a common question that we now get annoyed answering it. Actually, the use of illegal drugs/steroids have greatly harmed the image of sports supplements. ALL the supplements appearing on this website are FDA approved and are treated as ‘over the counter supplements’ around the world. Whereas if you need a Panadol or an Aspirin in the USA, you would likely need a prescription. Therefore, health supplements are 100% safe and healthy, they are just an alternate\addition to your daily healthy diet to ensure that you get the complete nutrients for a great workout and the results that you expect from it.

5. Do you sell Anabolic Steroids as well?

NO, we do not. We strongly advice to stay away from illegal drugs/steroids that are available in the market. Do not go for short term goals, you will hate its long-term results. Steroids are extremely harmful and can cause severe sexual, mental and physical problems and may cause death if not taken under certified professional monitoring. So please love yourself and the ones around you and stay away from them.

6. How do I use the supplements?

All the products available on this website are labeled by usage. Please follow the usage instructions or seek advice from your health nutritionist or trainer.

7. I used a product and nothing happened to me?

This again is a very common statement. All the health supplements are to be used with a proper diet and a healthy workout routine and should be used for a minimum period of 3 months or as advised on the label or by your health nutritionist. Using a product for 2 weeks or a month will not give you the required results, in order to get maximum results, a dietary product should be used for atleast 12 weeks.

8. What is the shipping/delivery cost of the products?

The products are delivered FREE of charge anywhere in Karachi and if the total purchases are over Rs.10,000, the products are delivered for FREE anywhere in Pakistan. However for deliveries under Rs.10,000 outside of Karachi are charged a minor cost of Rs.75.00/kg.

9. How long does it take for the products to be delivered?

If an order has been placed within business hours (9am-5pm), the products will be delivered the very next day. However due to unstable city conditions, we cannot commit on the delivery times and may take 2 – 3 business days for delivery outside of Karachi.

10. I have not yet received my ordered products?

Please enquire on 0334-4325849 or 0213-4290928 or email sales@healthylife.pk  regarding your order issues.

11. I did not receive the product that I ordered?

Please enquire on 0334-4325849 or 0213-4290928 or email sales@healthylife.pk  regarding your order issues.

12. Can I return the product and get a refund?

We do NOT honor any returns or refunds. Since we are dealing with imported products that are mainly manufactured in USA/Canada, therefore the cost of sending a product back to its origin for replacement is much higher than actually importing it. Hence there is no refund or return policy intact. However all the products are checked comprehensively and then dispatched to consumers. Minor damage to a product(s) may occur as the products are directly imported from USA and cargo is not too kindly handled at the ports here.

Covid-19 Update 😷

Because of the coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak, our services are closed until further notice.