Lose Weight and Gain Muscle? Is it possible?

Lose Weight and Gain Muscle? Is it possible? Losing weight is a good thing, perhaps the best of things. But it is counter-intuitive if the weight loss is achieved through a loss in muscle mass. Unfortunately, the problem usually arises, especially when people are trying to perform weight loss in Pakistan, because of proper instruction and guidance, they end up with a lot less muscle than they initially began with. Some even find that their body fat percentage starts to decrease. The [...]


How To Gain Weight

CAN’T SEEM TO GET RESULTS? HERE’S HOW TO GAIN WEIGHT THE RIGHT WAY Are you underweight or thin? Have you been rejected by your sports team because you do not meet the minimum weight requirements? Are you tired of your thin framed body and want to gain some muscle? Well good news, you can very easily pack a substantial amount of weight on your body. Many physicians or doctors would recommend you supplements or tablets, but we believe that a [...]


Effective Tips For Body Building

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, the Rock and Jean Claude all have a muscular body in common. Many boys idealize these tough bodies and wish to copy them. Like losing weight, gaining muscle is an equally strenuous task. Some people are born with muscular genes, they may not weigh more and are not very muscular but their bodies are naturally toned. Others who are not so fortunate with their genes but urge for a muscular body have to painstakingly work [...]

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