Lose Weight and Gain Muscle? Is it possible?

Lose Weight and Gain Muscle? Is it possible? Losing weight is a good thing, perhaps the best of things. But it is counter-intuitive if the weight loss is achieved through a loss in muscle mass. Unfortunately, the problem usually arises, especially when people are trying to perform weight loss in Pakistan, because of proper instruction and guidance, they end up with a lot less muscle than they initially began with. Some even find that their body fat percentage starts to decrease. The [...]


Good to know facts about Happiness

Happiness is described as the mental or emotional state of well being. To being content to feeling ecstatic, is all degree of happiness that we experience. “to be happy” , “joy” and “pleasure” is how the dictionary explains the word happiness. But one can understand these meanings only if u can feel the meaning behind the words. There are no easier words to describe their meaning unless we experience the feeling in its self. Humans are the most happiest in [...]


Lose Weight With Fruit

The human body can only function well if provided with proper and sufficient nutrients, vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates. Natural foods are undoubtedly the best source of all that a human body needs. A correct balance of each nutrient will keep a person healthy always. Generally a person’s health is diagnosed by his weight in proportion to his height. Going below or above the average weight can cause health problems for a person. But sadly it so happens sometimes that [...]

Covid-19 Update 😷

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