Whey Protein – Advantages and Uses – Healthy Life Pakistan

Whey protein is one of the health food supplements that energize the body by repairing muscles of our body. Those who have started fitness plan and looking to go for muscle building, use whey protein on a daily basis. Like other people of the world, Pakistanis have become more active toward adopting a healthy life style, therefore different whey protein brands have emerged into Pakistan to help out people in meeting their fitness goals. There is a misconception regarding whey [...]


How to Select the Best Protein Powder

The best way to complete the protein nutrition is to intake protein rich diet, but it often becomes difficult for us due to our busy routine and unplanned diet schedules. In such cases, it is protein powders are used to fulfill your protein consumption as required by your body.  For many bodybuilding programs, protein powder is considered as a building block and must be used during the body building duration. Naturally, you can find protein in Chicken, Cheese, Egg, [...]


How to Lose Weight Healthily

Planning for weight loss? That’s the good initiative you have taken by giving your thoughts a positive direction towards healthy life style. But, this is really not as easy as it seems. Your body does not want to lose weight; in fact, it wants to retain calories and fats in it. To achieve your target, you’ll have to be consistent in your efforts and stick to your plans. A comprehensive diet plan, structured exercises and the right use of [...]


How To Gain Weight

CAN’T SEEM TO GET RESULTS? HERE’S HOW TO GAIN WEIGHT THE RIGHT WAY Are you underweight or thin? Have you been rejected by your sports team because you do not meet the minimum weight requirements? Are you tired of your thin framed body and want to gain some muscle? Well good news, you can very easily pack a substantial amount of weight on your body. Many physicians or doctors would recommend you supplements or tablets, but we believe that a [...]


How to progress in body building?

If you are reading this article, you have probably started body building some time back. But what brings you here is the fact that you are not satisfied with the result. You must have taken a great start, following a proper diet, working out and following all other necessary protocol. Initially you were doing great but after some time you are not making a steady progress. There could be a number of reasons that could be slowing you down. Marc [...]

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