Whey Protein – Best for Muscle Growth & Fat Loss

Protein is an essential component of our diet that is available in many forms. Some forms of protein are better and more useful than the others such as Whey protein. Whey protein is found in the liquid portion of milk, which is separated while making cheese and we call it the by-product of cheese. Because of its benefits, Whey protein is an important element and essential part of a diet of Sportsmen, Athletes and bodybuilders.

Whey Protein – Best for Muscle Growth & Fat Loss

Whey Protein for Muscle Growth
Whey protein is used for multiple purposes but, the most important use of whey is for muscle growth and increase in muscle strength. For this reason Athletes, Sportsmen, fitness trainers and bodybuilders use whey protein to increase their muscle mass & strength. It affects the muscles in the following ways:


  • Protein & Amino Acid: Whey helps in increasing the protein and amino acids, which works as a building block in the process of muscle growth.
  • Hormonal Effect: It increases the release of anabolic hormones as they accelerate the muscle growth, for example Insulin.
  • Increased Absorption: Whey contains amino acids that help in quick absorption as compared to other protein types. It helps in building muscle mass that increases the strength.

Whey protein for Fat Loss
With different studies it has been proved that whey protein makes our metabolism fast that enables people to consume fewer calories and eat less. In this way, whey protein helps a lot in weight loss as it reduces the craving and cut down the appetite. You can intake protein shake with skim milk in order to stick with your low calorie diet plan. This practice will work best when you do work out and set a plan with preset goals of holding muscle strength and fat loss.

How to Use Whey protein?
As mentioned above that whey is nutritious form of protein that boosts the metabolism, but it all happens when it is used with the right method as described below

Calculate Protein Requirement
The first thing you need to do is that just check out your protein requirement. Because too much or too less protein may give you side effects. The real taste of whey protein is not as good so, you can use it in flavors such as chocolate, strawberry, vanilla and etc.

Intake Protein in Breakfast
Have a whey protein breakfast by setting up the quantity which is prescribed for example 1 or 2 scoops. This protein rich breakfast keeps you energetic by fulfilling your protein requirement.

Intake Whey Protein Before Workout
If you have set a workout plan, Use protein shake before workout. This intake of whey protein for pre workout prevents muscle breakdown and boosts energy during exercise.

Intake Whey Protein After Workout
You should also use whey protein after the workout as it is necessary to recover your body. This helps in restoring energy and enhancing muscle strength.

Balance With Diet
If you have a motive of weight loss, use whey with a diet food that contains fewer calories. Be careful in maintaining the balance between whey protein and diet so you will not get any side effect.

Intake Before Meal
Intake whey protein shake before having your meal as it reduces the craving for food and you will eat less. This is important to note that you should start with replacing small meals because replacement of large meals with protein shake will not give you quick results.
These were few guidelines for the beginners to follow, but it is advisable to follow a complete workout and diet plan in order to achieve your goals healthily. Be very specific in your goals and try to calculate quantity of protein that your body needs so it will maintain the right balance without harming your health.

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