How to shed the extra weight

As compared to previous years, health and fitness have gained lot of awareness in recent times. People are more aware of their health and make extra efforts to maintain a healthy weight and a healthy body. To diagnose a person’s health the first thing checked is his weight. Weight in proportion to a person’s height is calculated to check the BMI (body mass index). Average healthy BMI range is between 19 and 25. It is advisable to check your weight at least once a month to keep track of how your body is managing to stay fit and fine.

An increase, decrease or an abnormal fluctuation in body weight should be taken into consideration as it can be a sign of an unhealthy body which could lead to many diseases in the long run. Today we’ll discuss a few tips that can help you if your body weight is leaning towards the higher side of the scale.

• The most important rule to remember is to go slow and steady. Crash diets and weekly diet plans do seem to work for most people but hardly last a month or more. As soon as the diet plan is over the weight bounces back. Also making commitments that are not practical to fulfill like for example, committing to workout at the gym for long hours while trying to cope up with the already very busy routine will end up making one feel frustrated and exhausted. Choose a routine that’s manageable and makes you feel better.

• To adopt a healthy lifestyle for the long run, try not to fall in the loop holes. Junk snacks, eating out of time or skipping meals altogether are basic things that lead to unhealthy increase in weight. High fat, high sugar and carbohydrate rich food are usually readily available and easy to eat but are your worse enemies when watching out for a healthy diet. Try to plan ahead and take appropriate snacks and lunch to avoid reaching out to unhealthy options.

• Cutting down on calories that you are used to eating will surely increase your hunger pangs. A simple and healthy alternate to curb your hunger could be soups. A thick vegetable soup is filling and nutritious and has far less calories.

• A good dose of healthy fats, proteins, fibre and vitamin E can be gained by eating a portion of nuts each day. Among which walnuts stand out best in the lot as they are exceptionally high in good fats. Nuts with a piece of fruit will help with avoiding the urge to munch on junks just before meal time.

• Vegetables mainly consist of water, as compared to fruits which are carbohydrate based. Carrot, celery or cherry tomatoes are good snacking option to be carried along. Eating vegetables as snacks will also fill up your daily required portion of salad.

• Staying hungry for long hour leads to a slower metabolic rate which can ultimately result in gaining weight. After good night’s sleep make sure you break your fast with breakfast.  Eating a healthy and timely breakfast can lead to a quick loss in weight compared to those who don’t opt for breakfast at all. Good choices in breakfast menu are eggs, baked beans on toast, low fat cheese, yogurt and fruits.

• It’s a good idea to cut down on the quantity of your dinner time meal. This is an instant weight loss trick that works best and is a healthy habit to keep. Instead of heavy, hearty portions of protein add a good portion of salad instead. This can be done gradually by alternating a dinner meal with soup every alternate nights and a proper dinner the other night. This will satisfy your food craving and gradually change your habits to eat lighter at night.

• Vegetable salad with each meal fills you up well and help you eat less, hence avoiding overeating. It adds up the nutritional value of a diet plan.

• Chewing properly and eating slowly also help keep the food serving in balance. Our stomach takes up to 20 minutes to register the feeling of being full. According to research people who chew slower and put down their fork and spoon in between mouthful tend to eat lesser calories and digest their food better. Eating fast is bad for weight loss and also a very unhealthy for the body.

• Stay active and on the move. It is no rule of the thumb that in order to lose weight one has to join the gym and work out for hours. Staying active in day to day chores, taking a short morning walk, or a few exercise on our own can also help equally well with the weight loss.

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