How to progress in body building?

If you are reading this article, you have probably started body building some time back. But what brings you here is the fact that you are not satisfied with the result. You must have taken a great start, following a proper diet, working out and following all other necessary protocol. Initially you were doing great but after some time you are not making a steady progress. There could be a number of reasons that could be slowing you down.

Marc Snyder, 2013 Mr. Ohio and an active NPC Body builder, shares his tips with us.

1. Proper use of intra-workout nutrition:
Following a proper diet with the necessary nutrition and supplements to fulfill your extra needs is probably what you are doing. But sometimes our body refuses to act the same way it’s been doing. In Marc’s case his body did not tolerate carbs as well as it use to, and his body started to store body fat instead of the required energy. Consuming less carbs caused lesser growth. It didn’t work in both the cases. To take care of this problem Marc’s trainer suggested intra-workout nutrition. Marc would train in the evening and that is when he would need his energy the most. So they included fast digesting nutrients right before and after the workout and also mark would sip on a power drink during the work out too. This took care of the accumulated fat problem and also took care of the energy that was required.

2. Intra-workout nutrition:
Well I did not make an error here! From Marc’s experience we come to know that including intra-workout nutrition not only helps to adjust nutrition but also it helps to intensify and manage more workout hours during the week. Taking a power drink with the workout reduced soreness from the exercise (even after the brutal workouts). The ability to recover rapidly gave him strength to train more often and train body parts more than once a week.

3. Be smart in the gym:
Working out does not mean one has to torture himself. If you enjoy working out you will enjoy pushing your limits and taking a step further each day. But there are some exercises that make a person uncomfortable or could even lead to pain in body parts and joints. As you progress with your body building plan you will notice a few workouts that are causing pain and discomfort, it would be a good idea to alternate such workouts with similar or such exercises that work for the same reason.

4. Change is good:
The body gets used to anything pretty soon. The trick to make thing work best for you is to change a little something here and there. Following the exact same regime for months and months might get too monotonous and unfruitful. Or doing a workout continuously could cause injuries too. A little change in diet will also help. Listen to your body and pay attention to comments and complaints. Going in the wrong direction just because it is part of the program and has to be followed will do no good. Choose a better option when needed.

5. Measure everything:
For a successful body building, everything included has to be measured and weighed. The food that’s eaten, the weight gained and the inches lost and gained. To keep track of your progress make note of all the measurements on regular basis. Set a day and time at to note down measurements. The amount of calories, protein and other nutrition that’s being consumed and body weight and body measurements of different body parts. This will help you work your weaknesses better and get results faster.

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