Good to know facts about Happiness

Happiness is described as the mental or emotional state of well being. To being content to feeling ecstatic, is all degree of happiness that we experience. “to be happy” , “joy” and “pleasure” is how the dictionary explains the word happiness. But one can understand these meanings only if u can feel the meaning behind the words. There are no easier words to describe their meaning unless we experience the feeling in its self.

Humans are the most happiest in their childhood years. With growing age the feelings are mixed up with many other emotions and sometimes in the worst cases the feeling of happiness is completely taken over by the other not-so-happy-feelings. The absence of happiness or the imbalance of feelings leads to most of the problems in adult’s life. Mental depression and diabetes are the two among the many others. A few good changes can bring about happiness in one’s life.

As Tom Bodett quotes “They say a person needs just three things to be truly happy in this world; someone to love, something to do and something to hope for.”
If we look at the deeper meaning in Tom Bodett’s words, he has actually categorized happiness quite precisely.

Someone to love

• In search for true happiness the most important thing a person can do is love one own self. Pay attention to your own feelings, love your own physical self, love the reason you are living for, love the people around you, friends, family, colleagues and everyone else u come across.

• Find a loving partner and never stop loving. Research has proved that a attractive and loveable life partner largely contributes to one‘s happiness. Share your life, have a family, parents, aunts, uncles and cousins stay in touch with everyone.

“The best way to cheer up is to cheer someone else up” Mark Twain.

• Giving gifts and helping others have proven to a source of immense joy. Looking at Lady Diana s life explains it all very well. When all else in life was falling apart, helping others and sharing her love is what made her a queen of all hearts. The 14th Dalai Lama says “ Happiness is not something ready made it comes from your own actions”

• Forgive and forget and live and let live are the two most important formulas for happiness. Keeping grudges and taking out fault in others leads to anger and frustration in a person which eventually kills out away any reason to be happy about. So never let ill feelings make home in your heart. Forgive and forget and move on with your life ignoring the bad and hoping for better.

Something to do

• Keep yourself motivated towards what you love. Live out your passion. Give yourself a reason to wake up happy each day.

• Exercise, play a sport or involve in an activity of your interest. Physical workout produces hormones that remind the brain to be cheerful and happy.

• Use colors wisely. Lighten and brighten up your wardrobe, avoid gloomy colors. Decorate and organize your living and work space the way you like it. Our surroundings keep us relaxed and gay.

Something to hope for

• Never give up on your dreams. Hopes and dreams are what brought the human race to where it is today. Positive thoughts and the urge to improve give us a reason to lead a happier and easier life.

• Or give it up completely! It’s good to let go sometimes rather than whine over it forever. There are things in life that aren’t meant to be with us forever, and the losing it becomes too painful.  In that case its wiser to let go, give it up and move on.

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