How to shed the extra weight

As compared to previous years, health and fitness have gained lot of awareness in recent times. People are more aware of their health and make extra efforts to maintain a healthy weight and a healthy body. To diagnose a person’s health the first thing checked is his weight. Weight in proportion to a person’s height is calculated to check the BMI (body mass index). Average healthy BMI range is between 19 and 25. It is advisable to check your [...]


How to progress in body building?

If you are reading this article, you have probably started body building some time back. But what brings you here is the fact that you are not satisfied with the result. You must have taken a great start, following a proper diet, working out and following all other necessary protocol. Initially you were doing great but after some time you are not making a steady progress. There could be a number of reasons that could be slowing you down. Marc [...]


Effective Tips For Body Building

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, the Rock and Jean Claude all have a muscular body in common. Many boys idealize these tough bodies and wish to copy them. Like losing weight, gaining muscle is an equally strenuous task. Some people are born with muscular genes, they may not weigh more and are not very muscular but their bodies are naturally toned. Others who are not so fortunate with their genes but urge for a muscular body have to painstakingly work [...]


Lose Weight With Fruit

The human body can only function well if provided with proper and sufficient nutrients, vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates. Natural foods are undoubtedly the best source of all that a human body needs. A correct balance of each nutrient will keep a person healthy always. Generally a person’s health is diagnosed by his weight in proportion to his height. Going below or above the average weight can cause health problems for a person. But sadly it so happens sometimes that [...]


The importance of taking fish oil omega 3 supplements

Fish has always been considered a very healthy. In some countries it is a staple food and consumed almost every day in different meals. In recent years fish, fish oil and fish oil supplements have gained remarkable popularity, especially amongst the Americans. Omega 3 fatty acid in the fish is mainly what makes it so beneficial. It is prevention from many diseases and a cure to many others. It is vital to all the organs in the body. But [...]


Choosing the right health supplements

There are 13 types of vitamins essential for our body to survive. An ideal meal plan consisting of all types of food groups and in the right proportion can provide for the essential nutrients and vitamins. But sadly, poor eating habits and lack of balance in diet leads to insufficiency and deficiency of vital nutrients. Many a times certain medications and diseases also cause deficiencies in the body. In what so ever case it is vital to give the [...]

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